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Lunch Program information can be found at the School District of Waukesha Nutrition Solutions site with the Menu available here.

Lunch Room Rules
 1. Stay seated at table (No getting up to throw away garbage, get a drink visit with friends, etc.)
 2. If you have a problem, raise your hand for help. An aide will come to you.
 3. No running, horseplay, or loud talking.
 4. No throwing of objects or grabbling other people’s things.
 5. Lack of cooperation or lack of respect will not be tolerated.
 6. If you need to use the bathroom during lunch, you must first ask an aide.
 7. Glass bottles or cans of soda are not permitted.
 8. Students will be dismissed by tables. Pick up after yourself before leaving table (this includes straw wrappers, milk cartons, everything!)
 9. When excused, throw away your garbage. Then follow the line to your grade’s pod. Quiet is expected once you leave the lunchroom until you are outside.
10. When in the pod to get coats, you are not allowed in the classrooms or teachers area without a pass from a teacher.